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De Beers Mine

Genset Project

International Quest Engineering (IQE) served as the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) contractor for the installation of two 4.4 MW genset projects and one 1.36 MW genset project. The installation of Genset #5 - 4.4 MW was carried out in 2013, while the installation of Genset #6 - 4.4 MW and Genset #10 - 1.36 MW took place in 2015. IQE assumed responsibility for both the supply and installation aspects of the project.

IQE Responsibilities Included:

  • Project Management

  • Development of Scope of Work & Schedule

  • Project Execution Plan

  • Shop conceptual design, procurement & detailed foundation design

  • Detailed Design (electrical by others)

  • Liaison with Client

  • Tendering & Tendering evaluation of equipment

  • Construction Management (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical)

  • Engineered equipment moves & placement without the use of overhead cranes due to insufficient crane capacity

  • Supply and installation of structural steel

  • Supply and installation of steel piping

  • Installation of gensets

  • Installation of heat recovery module

  • Installation of Cain boiler

  • Installation of 100’ exhaust stacks

  • Installation of interconnecting piping and instrument air

  • Design and installation of 20” air intake systems for Gensets

  • Design of 1.36 MW genset foundation

  • Field Inspections

  • Equipment Inspections

  • Commissioning Assistance


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