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Thompson Creek Metals

Endako Mine - Conveyor Transfer Modifications

Significant modifications to a conveyor drop transfer system were necessitated when a mine sought to introduce a new conveyor to supply its newly established process plant. The project involved enabling the mine to feed either the existing conveyor leading to the old process plant or the new conveyor serving the new process plant during a transitional period. To achieve this, adjustments were made to the drop box structure to accommodate the passage of the tail end of the new conveyor beneath it. Additionally, the design incorporated new chutes and transfer mechanisms for seamless integration with the new conveyor. The intricate geometry and close clearances between the new and existing conveyors posed challenges that were successfully overcome using SolidWorks 3D modeling software. This enabled the new outfeed conveyor to pass through the existing one without any fit issues during the construction and installation phases.

IQE Responsibilities Included:

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Capital Cost Estimates

  • Detailed Design

  • Liaison with Client

  • Tendering & Tendering evaluation of equipment

  • Field Inspections

  • Fabrication Inspections

  • Construction Management


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