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Tolko Lakeview

Sawmill Rebuild

Rebuilding Tolko Lakeview Sawmill in Williams Lake, BC after an explosion involved demolition and salvage of the remaining structure, reconstruction of the building structure, and design and installation of new lumber processing lines. Notably, the project was successfully executed within an accelerated timeframe.

IQE Responsibilities Included:

  • Initial Evaluation for Worksafe (SWP’s & Demo coord)

  • Replacement cost evaluation for insurance purposes

  • Coordination with regulatory bodies - Worksafe BC, Fire Marshall, BCSA (electrical & boiler)

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Capital Cost Estimates

  • Detailed Design (electrical by others)

  • Liaison with Client

  • Tendering & Tendering evaluation of equipment

  • Field Inspections

  • Equipment Inspections

  • Project Management

  • Commissioning Involvement

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