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West Fraser

ORC Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Chetwynd Forest Industries commissioned an ORC energy plant that encountered fouling issues in its cooling towers and piping due to the use of untreated well water. IQE collaborated with a water treatment consultant to address the problem. The solution involved rerouting the well water to a 5000 Gallon buffer tank for peak water loads and improved chemical retention. A triplex constant pressure pump delivered water to dual duplex sand filters and water softeners before routing it to the cooling towers. A 60 Ton brine making tank was specified for adequate brine supply. The piping system, designed according to ASME B31.1 standards, featured galvanized Victaulic piping, except for PVC brine lines.

IQE Responsibilities Included:

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Detailed Field Measurements and Verification

  • Liaising with the Client, as well as the electrical and water treatment consultants

  • Capital Cost Estimates

  • Specifying and Tendering the Triplex Pump Skid

  • Tendering & Tendering Evaluation for the Supply and Installation of all Piping and the installation  of all equipment.

  • Detailed Design (General Arrangement layouts and detailed Piping Isometrics / P&ID / Flow diagrams)

  • Field Inspections during installation


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